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Being a full service collection agency means doing more than just basic credit and collection work. To ARC Group, full service means supporting our customers’ businesses in every way we can with as many innovative and imaginative support services as possible. We help companies make sound credit and collection decisions. The loss of charge-offs or delinquencies is not limited to the cost of the product, but includes lost revenue from future sales. Each month an account is on “credit hold” is a month your doors are closed to an established customer. In addition, many potential repeat buyers are reluctant to reorder because of their past due balances with your company. Prior to the sale, we can provide the information required to complete the credit history and allow better credit decisions. After the sale, we obtain the information needed to update customer files. When a collection problem does occur, we can recover your money and return your customer to you in good standing.

At ARC Group, our staff firmly believes that fast, effective collections include ethical and businesslike practices. Our constant striving for excellence allows ARC Group to provide superior service. We do not take it for granted that you will do business with ARC Group, in the future. However, we expect your business if we work hard and earn your trust. ARC Group maintains diversity within its own fields by providing separate, yet interrelated services: strategic or spot outsourcing, turnaround and liquidation services, deduction management, legal forwarding, free demand services, and asset and liability investigations.

Performance Advantage

Most successful businesses look for ways to increase productivity. We believe that the secret of our success comes from a few simple principles. Our team approach to collections ensures your placements receive the attention they deserve. We accomplish this by tying the team’s commissions to actual dollar payments to the client, rather than debtor promises or judgments. This way, we keep the team interested until the final goal is accomplished: returning lost money to the client’s treasury.

Coupled with a lean management structure, ARC Group provides a quick file turnaround, with greater net return. Our collection technique involves direct contact with your debtor, emphasizing pre-legal mediation. This process creates an added measure of urgency to the debtor, before resorting to litigation. The debtor is put on notice that this is the last stop before the intervention of associate counsel. If we are unable to resolve the past due balance amicably, we will then review the file, and advise you of the account status.

We will then explore the possibilities of litigation, and make recommendations if we feel that legal action may not be beneficial to you. The lean nature of our business translates into responsiveness you will not receive from large collection agencies. Our rates are highly competitive, making ARC Group a strong value. ARC Group strives to be the best in the industry. We intend to accomplish this through client focus, work ethic, and creative applications of technology to deliver on that promise. With over a century of combined experience, our performers posses industry proven skills and the track record to prove it.


ARC Group believes that one key to effective workflow is stemming to the amount of paper. One of our goals is to get close to a paperless environment. So that we may meet this goal, we intend to use web technology for exchange of documents whenever possible. This will expedite the process, directly targeting those time lapses that result from physical mail delays. By utilizing web transport for e-mail documents, our turnaround time will improve dramatically.


Cash flow is the engine that drives businesses. Delinquent accounts are the brakes which brings companies to a screeching halt. In recent years, the tenuous nature of the economy has pushed many companies to extend the time they will permit an account to age prior to instituting formal collection efforts. This common practice will negatively impact your cash flow and bottom line. Thus, the true value of your receivables is reduced by the number of days that the account is past due. The chart will give you an idea of the value of your receivables by the number of days past due .

Collectability of Delinquent Commercial Debts at Time Intervals After Due Date

Due Date 98.8%
30 Days 93.4%
60 Days 85.2%
90 Days 73.1%
Six Months 55.7%
Nine Months 41.7%
One Year 25.3%
2 Years 11.2%