What we offer

ARC Group is a consulting firm that specializes in commercial debt recovery. Whether you seek third-party commercial collections or A/R management, we can provide end to end solutions for your receivables problems. Below you will find a list of some the services we provide, if you have any questions please contact our sales department.

Our Services


Custom Outsourcing / Special

ARC Group provides the immediate answer for backlogs in credit & collections, billing, deductions, and clean-ups. Our staff has the demonstrable expertise to tackle any size project. These projects may include support in the following areas:

  • Liquidations and turnarounds
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Backlogs, write-offs, and cleans-ups
  • Deductions


Receivables Liquidation

ARC Group can provide support when companies reorganize, liquidate, or are in turnaround mode. Offering liquidation management from start to finish, we provide the collection capabilities that produce results. With extensive Chapter 7 and 11 experience, and full Creditor support, our expert collection staff will quickly collect receivables, resolve disputes, and create cash flow. In addition, we provide the necessary customer service, staffing, and accurate reporting that allows you to minimize your overhead and maximize results.


Deduction Management

Most manufacturers and suppliers experience a high volume of claims and deductions against orders shipped. Service companies may experience similar problems. Since most unresolved deductions are usually written-off to bad debt, these write-offs will negatively affect an organization’s bottom line. Not only are the costs of such write-offs of great concern, but the time and resources required to research each transaction, as well.

The resolution of these disputes is time consuming and labor intensive. While most industries are highly competitive, these claims and deduction disputes can be critical to your profitability. These issues must be resolved while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and good will. A well-planned third party solution may decrease the time and effort necessary to resolve such disputes. With professional and effective outsourcing, deductions can be reduced and cash flow increased.


Legal Forwarding

Our in-house legal department and staff review each file and select associate counsel in the debtor’s jurisdiction. Associate counsels are directed in their handling by our in-house legal staff. Selected attorneys are held to the highest standards in the handling of your files. Associate counsel will attempt amicable recovery and will recommend suit only if his efforts are ignored. Suit requirements will be furnished if you wish to litigate. Cost and fees are always presented before litigation begins, as suit is never filed without creditor’s request. Our legal forwarding rates are the most competitive in the industry. Case updates will be included in your monthly status report.